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Hoping for a beautiful Summer!

The sun is out and the rain has slowed down. Everyone wants to spend more time outside, including our pets!

This time of year, we see dogs who have been fairly sedentary over the colder and wetter months injure themselves running around. Exercise them for sure, but take it slow to protect those knees!

The tick situation has been fairly extreme this year, so do a tick check on your pets particularly after they have been frolicking in long grass. You can pick up free tick pullers from us any time. Fleas and worms, of course, are a year round problem in this climate, so keep up on all your parasite prevention.

Please be very careful leaving your pets in the car, even now in the late spring. The car gets hot FAST if left in the sun with the windows closed. (just leave a bucket of icecream in there and see how long it takes to make vanilla soup :D )

If you take your dog swimming, flush their ears with some ear cleaner right after they're done in the water. It's also a good idea to hose them off after their adventure. Salt can be irritating and there are lots of little critters in salt and fresh water that can cause some skin trouble. (remember those pondwater experiments from school?)

And most importantly, enjoy the warm air and sunshine!

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