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Holiday Season Annual Warnings. :)

Yes, you've heard it before. You've heard it from multiple websites, from facebook, and from your veterinarian. You hear it every year and you've probably heard it already this year. But we are going to warn you again, because we're like that.

  • Chocolate - Dark chocolate is the serious concern, and it really is dose dependent. So a Great Dane could eat a milk chocolate hershey bar and may have no problem at all but if he eats a pound of baker's chocolate, he's into the hospital for a nice vacation over the holidays. A Chihuahua might not be able to tolerate even the hershey bar. White chocolate, while not healthy for dogs (or humans) won't have an adverse effect.

  • Tinsel - this isn't as big of a problem as it was in the past, as it's not a trend to have trees covered in tinsel strings anymore. But in case there's still some out there, please do not put tinsel on your trees if you have cats. Cats will play with it, injest it and then it becomes a surgical solution, and a holiday vacation in the hospital.

  • High fat food - There are a lot of delicious treats we all prepare, and often there are well meaning relatives over visiting who like to slip a little something to your big eyed, hopeful hound. Hopeful hounds can also end up vacationing at the hospital with pancreatitis.

  • Light strings - Sometimes pets will chew on the wires, sometimes they will even eat the glass lightbulbs (just ask our receptionist, Teresa when she's back from maternity leave). Try to tuck the wires somewhere inaccessible, or barring that, keep a really good eye on your pets when they are near them.

  • Cannabis - Because we are in Canada, and the laws have recently changed, we thought we would add this one onto the list. Cannabis (edibles, or buds) is apparently tasty to pets. They do not react well, however, and we see it fairly often. They will be disoriented, soil themselves and probably end up with some vacation time at the hospital.

  • Specific foods pets should not ingest - The usual list, but these things might be in more abundance during the holidays. Grapes and raisins, onions and garlic.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season from Dr. Rolfe and the staff of the Thetis Heights Veterinary Clinic!

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