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COVID fatigue

Hello from the depths of 2020! It is now October, and we have been dealing with the pandemic and the associated social fallout for close to 7 months. We are (and I think I speak for the entire country) all mentally exhausted.

We kept firm to our COVID protocols through the summer, when the numbers were very low, and now that we are seeing higher numbers, we remain committed to doing our part to slow the spread. Our staff are required to wear masks in the clinic when they are within 6 feet of another staff member (in reality, they wear masks 90% of the time). We are all wearing gloves as well, and our cleaning protocols are more stringent.

Our patient intake form is a huge help in the process, and we appreciate your patience at having to fill one out on every visit. I am working on an online version of the intake form that might make it easier for everyone, with fewer questions for preventive care or followup examinations and more specific for bird and reptile patients. Stay tuned!

We are still asking clients to remain outside of the practice while we bring in their pets for examination. On the rare occasion that a client needs to come in, they must wear a mask. The doctor comes outside to speak with the client after the examination. We are a small veterinary practice. If one of us comes down with COVID, the entire clinic will be shut for 2 weeks. Dr Rolfe wants all of you to recognize that he's getting to be an old geezer, and may not end up with a mild case. ;) The more people that come into the office, the higher chance we have of COVID hitting us. We are very strongly committed to keeping our wonderful staff safe, and by doing so, keeping our clients safe and our families safe.

I know that this situation isn't ideal. I know that the stress of COVID is causing some tempers to be easily triggered. I just hope that if we can explain what we are doing and why we are doing it that it might be a little less frustrating for everyone.

Take care everyone!

Be kind, be calm, be safe. Dr Bonnie Henry

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