Dr Jay Rolfe

Dr. Jay Rolfe graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1986 where he took a special interest in exotic animals.  He practiced in Prince George for a year before deciding he preferred the climate of Vancouver Island.  He worked emergency for a few years in Victoria before deciding as well that working days was better than working nights.

He set up The Avian Clinic in the heyday of pet parrots, and purchased the Victoria Veterinary Clinic in 1990.  The Glanford Animal Hospital joined in 2003, followed shortly by the Thetis Heights Veterinary Clinic.  In 2013, with the purchase and development of a new piece of real estate, the Victoria Veterinary Clinic and the Glanford Animal Hospital merged together to form the Victoria-Glanford Animal Hospital, a full service facility.  Recently, the Victoria-Glanford Hospital has merged with the Thetis Heights Clinic so we can serve you better.

Dr. Rolfe has two cats (Tuxedo Mask and Frangipangi) and one turtle (Sam) as well as a pond with approximately 30 goldfish.  He misses his dog Chantico very much.

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