Lanaiah Menzies


Lanaiah has lived her entire life surrounded by animals. Though she loves all animals, she is an ardent cat lover. Born in Cambridge Ontario, and raised in Edmonton Alberta, Lanaiah has only lived on the island for two years, yet she already can’t picture living anywhere else. Not long after moving here, she also decided she couldn’t imagine herself working anywhere else besides at a veterinary clinic. Here ultimate goal is to enroll in the Animal Health Technology program through Thompson Rivers University, and is very excited to be pursuing her dream with Thetis Heights Veterinary Clinic.  

Lanaiah owns two cats—a Maine Coon/Ragdoll named Chopin, and a Siamese/Birman named Cashmere—whom she hopes to one day bring out to the island. Currently, she lives in a household with two little Chihuahuas, Penny and Teaka.