The most important thing an owner can do for their pet is to have routine physical examinations done by a veterinarian.

It’s estimated that 85 percent of all pets have periodontal disease by the time they are 3 years of age.

Feathered and scaly friends deserve the same kind of care that's afforded to the furry pets.

The role of diet and nutrition is often overlooked in our pets, each animal is unique, and there is no "one size fits all" diet.

A blood test or urinalysis allows us to learn information about your pet's health which can't be discovered any other way.

Digital radiology and ultrasound are other ways we can see what's happening beneath the surface

Laser therapy reduces pain and inflammation, and improves mobility. It also speeds healing.

Vaccinations protect your pet from highly contagious and deadly diseases.  We will work with you to determine the best vaccine protocol for your pet.

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